Automatic Password System


In order to receive a password to our server and download the current HKL-2000 program distribution or the HKL-3000 program installer, please input the e-mail address of a registered Contact Person or a Primary Licensee. If the address matches the e-mail address in our records, the password will be automatically sent to that e-mail address. The password can be requested by anybody within a group, but it will be always returned to the registered e-mail address.
There are three possible account options:
  • hkl3000ftp - installer for the HKL-3000 program in general distribution
  • hkl2000ftp - the HKL-2000 program executables in general distribution
  • hklftp - the HKL program executables in general distribution

Contact Person e-mail:

Indicate account: hklftp    hkl2000ftp      hkl3000ftp